The Importance of Property Inspections: Ensuring Compliance and Maintenance

The Importance of Property Inspections: Ensuring Compliance and Maintenance

2023 saw over 23,000 eviction cases in Miami and Fort Lauderdale alone.

Part of Florida's eviction problem is a result of Covid-era eviction moratoriums ending; another part is an issue with tenant quality in the state. As a landlord, you never want to have to evict a tenant, as it results in lost rental income due to vacancies.

Good tenant screening practices will help you avoid delinquent tenants in commercial and residential properties, but you must take further action to ensure compliance. Property inspections are a great way to do this.

Keep reading and we'll explain why property inspections are so important and how they work.

Property Inspections Explained

Property inspections come in two forms: move-in/move-out and all other routine inspections. Move-in/move-out inspections are conducted with residential and commercial tenants at the start and end of a tenancy.

Together, both parties inspect the property to make note of any existing damage. During the move-out inspection, any new damage is pointed out, the repairs of which are paid for with the tenant's security deposit.

During the other type of property inspection, the landlord may enter the property for several reasons. It could be to ensure that the tenant is complying with the lease agreement. It could also be to deal with some safety or maintenance issues.

Property Inspection Laws

Landlords need to follow Florida's landlord-tenant laws when conducting property inspections. For residential tenants, they must provide 24 hours of notice before entering a rental unit. Other than that, you can inspect your property as many times as needed.

That being said, your tenant has a right to privacy and quiet enjoyment. If you inspect the property too frequently, they could report you to the housing authority.

The same rules apply to commercial tenants, though there are different things you'll need to look out for during these inspections.

Importance of Property Inspections

Why perform a property inspection?

Property inspections are essential for maintaining compliance. They allow you to see how a tenant is treating your property in real time.

If there are any issues, such as property damage or illegal activity, you can deal with them before they cost you money. It's also great for keeping tenants compliant. When they know you perform inspections, they'll always try to keep the property in good shape.

Property inspections work for your tenants, too. By inspecting your property regularly, you can spot maintenance issues and deal with them promptly. Not only does this keep your property in good shape, but it also maintains tenant satisfaction, which increases tenant retention.

Get the Best Property Inspector in Miami

Now that you know why you should perform property inspections, it's time to discuss property inspectors. Property investors don't always have time to perform regular inspections. It's for that reason that they hire property managers to tackle these tasks.

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