How to Get More Homeowners to Attend HOA Meetings

How to Get More Homeowners to Attend HOA Meetings

Studies show that 32% of companies offer complimentary refreshments to employees, which is why you need to ensure that you have a selection of delicious snacks and drinks for HOA meetings. Refreshments are a time-tested method for making people feel at ease. So, you should be paying attention to these small details if you want to run efficient meetings.

But what else can you do to increase attendance at meetings?

There are several ways you can inspire interest in attending meetings through friendly communication and setting up the right environment. To help you get some ideas for the next event, take a look at these tips for property management teams and HOA communities.

How to Increase Engagement at HOA Meetings

When you work in association management, you know how important it is to have active members. These are the people that invest and want the community to succeed. But, sometimes, other life commitments get in the way, and only a handful of members attend the meeting.

HOA meetings are crucial for receiving feedback and evaluating how current policies are working. One way to boost the engagement rates at these events is to make the time specific and clear.

Get Clear About the Time

Outlining the date clearly on an email or noticeboard is a great way to create transparency around the meeting. If people know exactly how much time to allocate to the meeting, they can plan accordingly. This makes it easier for people to commit to a few hours than if there's a vague end time.

Plus, this is an excellent way to motivate other people to turn up to the meeting. When people see that the session ends on time, they can feel at ease knowing they won't have to cancel other appointments last minute.

Send Out Reminders

Reminders are necessary in the digital age when people get email notifications every few seconds. To avoid the message being lost in the inboxes of the members, it's essential that you organize friendly reminders to the attendees at least a week or two in advance.

You can ask a HOA property manager to craft the emails or write them yourself if you prefer. This saves you time and ensures that people are aware of the details of the meeting. That way, no one needs to phone the manager to find out about the location. It's written clearly for everyone to see in an email.

Ultimately, the best way to increase the numbers at HOA meetings is to blend the social aspects of the meeting with the formal. This means offering free cakes and drinks or simply picking a scenic location like the waterfront cafe.

Let the Property Manager Plan the Meeting

HOA property managers are familiar with hosting meetings with board members. So, if you're struggling to get engagement from the community, it's good to consider hiring a professional team. Not only do we offer services in managing the HOA communities, but we can plan events for you.

We have all the expertise and advice to help you boost numbers at your HOA meetings this year.

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